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Heartbeat Mountain (HBM)

A dry simple cider. Made from heritage variety cider apples, this cider has a clean crisp finish.

Stone Boat

Stone Boat is a top seller with its irresistible sweet taste! This cider is made straight from the sweet syrup concentrate of apple cider. The cider is frozen and thawed slowly. As it thaws the thick sweet concentrate is separated from the water. This makes stone boat a naturally sweet hard cider. 

Cherry Shaker

Made with both sweet and sour locally grow cherries. This cider has quickly become a favorite of many!

The Basic Batch

This cider is a delicious cinnamon flavored cider! It drinks well hot or chilled! The perfect fall time drink of choice!

Bramblin Jack

Smooth like a blackberry brandy, this cider goes down easy. It is also a dry cider.

Razzle Dazzle

Made with fresh raspberries straight from the farm. This cider is a dry and slightly tart cider. Try mixing it with Stone Boat to add a bit off sweetness if you're not a fan of the tart.

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You can have our cider shipped right to your doorstep through our Vino Shipper website! Follow the link below to have it shipped straight to you! With Vino Shipper we can ship to 47 states in the US. If you are buying locally please contact us or find our product in a store near you!


You can find our ciders at these local retailers! 

Roberts Farm Market

11170 Maple Ridge RD

Medina, NY 14103


Noble Roots Wine & Spirits

515 Main St

Buffalo, NY 14203


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